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We are greatly interested in commercial Expert Advisors, so we decided to investigate them, look at their backtests results, look deeper into their live trading results, have a wider view over what their authors and traders are discussing about them, just to filter out the scams and copies which are the majority. This was in purpose of aiding the Expert Advisor seekers to put their hand on the best of them, so this website was launched to be a spot of light on those mysterious Expert Advisors. By time detecting solid Expert Advisors became an easier mission which we are trying hard to fullfill as there are very few ones like that in the market. Hopping to share our experience and get the experience of others to be shared with us, here on EAsReview.com.


As this work has started fully independently, by getting fully maturated, it continued in a different path as it became so costly and time and effort consuming, so we had to either stop this work to divert to some other profitable one or to continue with some affiliation and promoption to products which we really trust and hope we are right.

Copyrighted Content

On EAsReview.com, we don't publish or provide or aid in publishing or providing cracked or security broken trading systems and tools including Expert Advisors, thish could be available some where else, no download link for any copyrighted content will exist here.

Beside that our advise is never use a cracked copy of an Expert Advisor that you liked its performance and review and wish to use it on your live account, simply BUY it. This way you will be able to get updates - in the majority of cases - and support from the developer and ensure an authentic trading being performed by the Expert Advisor and if it ran good the way you expected it will giet its cost back to your pocket. Beside that, you are supporting the developer to do more brilliant job like this in the future.


If there are something that you think it was fake or unclear, just leave a comment about it, and we will update it if neccessary. We encourage you to share with us your experience either positive or negative, if you have bought an Expert Advisor and used it on your live account. We like this website to be and stay a dependable informative resource as it was launched for from the beginning and not just some promotional pages. You can comment using Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts and none of these comments will be blocked or hidden from any one as long as they are respectful and have no fould language.

Expert Advisor Developers

If you are a trading systems coder and wish to see your geniune Expert Advisor on oour pages neutrally reviewd and analyzed , just contact us to send us details about your invention, we will then take a decision about it and inform you.

Expert Advisor Seekers

If you get interested in an Expert Advisor not among our reviewd collection and wish to get it reviewed and disscussed by us, Contact us too and send us some details about it to be estimated then reviewed if worthed that.

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Forex accounts typically offer various degrees of leverage and their elevated profit potential is counterbalanced by an equally high level of risk. You should never risk more than you are prepared to lose and you should carefully take into consideration your trading experience.
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