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MaxScalper is a fully automated expert advisor with target potential trades of up to 7,000 trades a year with an average trade duration of a few minutes to one or two hours maximally and an average profit of 6-7 pips for every trade.

MaxScalper EA isn't a grid or martingale trader and doesn't include any high risk modalities in its trading strategy.

It's not a swing trader too, as after holding positions and making important gains it doesn't fall suddenly as swing traders do.

It's not a short term scalper EA too as it can adapt to current new trading environment and can make enough pips on each winner trade to overcome its possible losses.

Live Performance

MAX Scalper System by maxscalper | Myfxbook

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Starting Balance
MAX Scalper System by maxscalper | Myfxbook

Trading Style

Standard Deviation Channels

Added to other multiple verificatory indicators, this one is a simple custom indicator by which MaxScalper determines the GBP channel bottom to go long and its top to go short, these top and bottom levels with the EA trailing stop protection, determine the exit point.

The Triple Green light Confirmation Indicators

This is another verificatory measure used by MaxScalper, by which it ensures that all the system indicators are signaling a green light for the current market keys as volatility, volume and price action, so it automatically put an order, otherwise it stays dormant keeping your account safe.

Stop Loss & Take Profit Management

MaxScalper uses dynamic exit points for its flexibility not to exit a trade too early wasting more possible gains if its indicators signal more potential profits from that trade.

Trailing Stop System

This system enables MaxScalper EA to keep winning on reversals while protecting the account from loss waves that could cause the previously achieved gains to vanish.

The Second Chance Backup Switch

If for any reason, a trade was mistakenly opened too early, MaxScalper starts immediately searching for the nearest possible next entry to be added to the position to overcome the possible loss that could result from the first inaccurate trade.

If the GBP corrected its direction later, there would be 2 options for the system, either to permit the trades to keep running maximizing the profits or to close them rapidly protecting the account by gaining a small profit or making a break-even.

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