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One Real Account + One Demo Account.
Account Balance
A minimum Account Balance of $200 is Recommended (Can Be $100 in Some Cases)
Trades Rate
Trades are Made Every Day as the Market is Open.
No Special Optimizations are Needed.
User Manual
An Image Assisted Detailed User Manual for setting up the EA and adjusting its risk and other settings.
Fast and Efficient 24 / 7 Support by the EA Developers Team.
Free Lifetime Updates for the Strategy, Functionality Improvements and Future Platform Changes Compatibility Updates.
Refund Policy
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee is Offered by the Vendor.
Currency Pairs
20 Different Currency Pairs


A 100% automated beginner friendly Forex Expert Advisor.

By its name, Hedge Track Trader is a hedge trading Expert Advisor that seems to employ safe a hedging strategy with low risk level and according to its MyfxBook statement it could generate 442% profit per year. Its built-in algorithm is coded so that it can adapt the strategy to the always unstable market conditions and smartly managing trades and risk, preserve the obtained profits and markedly disallow drawdowns.

Live Performance

Hedge Track Trader System by HTTrader | Myfxbook

Account Type
Starting Balance
Hedge Track Trader System by HTTrader | Myfxbook

FX Blue - Hedge Track Trader System

Account Type
Starting Balance
FX Blue - Hedge Track Trader System

Trading Style

Trading Adaptability

Hedge Track Trader settings are firmly adjusted so there is rarely a need to manually modify them on market change, it can perfectly adapt to these changes as in the live performance results during the 2015 - 2016 period when market conditions could fail most strategies but this one.

Small Accounts Compatibility

It's not mandatory to start with an account with high balance, it can also adapt to any account balance size and begin its work with adjusted risk level.

Smart Trade Management

It calculates different target profit points guided by the current market conditions, certain trends, and volatility factors to dynamically manage trades and set their StopLoss and TakeProfit values.

Currency to Currency Hedge Protection

Hedging is an advanced Forex trading strategy in which the trader opens two trades in opposite directions on certain currency pair at the exact same time allowing for the winning trade to continue making profits and ending the losing one, so that profits can be made from hedging.

In Hedge Track Trader, hedging is not performed on the same currency pair, but it uses different pairs for that, so profits can be maximized while the protection factor is always into consideration.

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